Hello and thank you for visiting this site. I wish to take a minute and share with you the inspiration behind this book United States vs. Jay Vincent and the objectives I hope to achieve.

     I need to start out with an apology. I am sincerely sorry for any harm I may have caused to ‘Anybody’ by past mistakes that were made. I have always been a Hi Energy, Hard Driven person and I bring those traits to my business ventures as well as my personal life. I feel it necessary to say this because I realize I have occasionally not paid enough attention to details as I should have. Sometimes, I rely far too much on others in areas that I should be managing myself. This is how mistakes are made, and I confess, I have made my share. I hope to put all that behind me and to be more conscience and diligent going forward. I do ask for forgiveness from anyone that may have been harmed..

As I wrote this book, I had time to reflect on many decisions and paths chosen in my ‘life travels’. Some were good, some were not. I began to see that often small choices can have large consequences. I found one of my greatest regrets was stumbling blindly in the wrong direction, when clearly I would have avoided that path had I listened to those around me, and to my own inner voice.. This realization began to come out in my writing. I found myself, quite by accident, speaking to the High Energy, Hard Driven youth of today that hopefully could learn from my mistakes. I hope I can one day say, ‘I am living up to my inner voice’..

My objectives are thus: I wish to lift the depressed and energize & inspire the rest.
I hope this book lives up to those lofty goals.
I do hope you enjoy reading it..

Thank You for your Confidence,

Mr Jay Vincent, Ceo